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RTKDuo - Instrumented buoy for direct accurate subsea georeferenced positioning

RTKDuo buoy configuration used for inspection by ROV (dam, pier, bridge,…)

RTKDuo buoy description  (pdf document)

The new RTKDuo instrumented buoy associated with the AQUA-METRE R300NG USBL offers a very accurate, light and hassle-free way to provide underwater georeferenced position. The instrumented buoy includes: a dual antenna GNSS RTK Receiver (to measure the position and heading of the buoy), a mem’s motion reference unit to measure the pitch and roll and filter the noisy GNSS heading, a radio-modem (ISM band, 868 or 915MHz) to manage the buoy from  the survey PC. The internal buoy processor synchronises all sensor, including the AQUA-METRE R300-NG USBL in order to deliver geographic position of underwater transponder like the MiniPointer R300-NG (directly outputing $GGA NMEA messages).

The AQUA-CAD software, when associated with the RTKDuo buoy, offers the usual cartographic projections like UTM.

RTKDuo Buoy